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Diversity Uplifts, inc. Supports black midwives Allegra Hill and Kimberly Durdin in fundraising and program development to bring forth a

Kindred space Los Angeles Birth Center!

Our mission to foster diversity among providers, to ensure that communities of color have access to culturally congruent, sensitive, affirming and COMPETENT providers, could not be more realized than in the establishment of a black-women owned birthing center, in south Los Angeles.

 Los Angeles county has some of the highest rates of birth, per county, in the nation.  Unfortunately this is paired with the fact that there is a high maternal and infant mortality DISPARITY among black families.  Midwifery care and community-based doula support, are evidence-based to improve birth outcomes. both of which will be realized In the establishment of the kindred space Los Angeles Birth Center.  

Please help us bring community-based midwifery care, centered in cultural safety and affirmation, to south Los Angeles.